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Learn Slovak Verbs - LearnBots app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9744 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: iEdutainments
Current version: 6.7.0, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 14 Nov 2011
App size: 33.11 Mb

This is the perfect kick-starter App for learning those difficult verbs and conjugations. This highly stimulating Award Winning memory App will show you how to learn the verbs and their key conjugations 7 times faster than any other traditional method. Also with full pronunciation from a native speaker and the ability to add your own verbs and conjugations this App is perfectly suited for students of all levels.

LearnBots is a UNIVERSAL app that includes both the iPhone and iPad versions. Most apps make you pay twice but with LearnBots, you get two for the price of one!

* Worlds easiest way to practice and remember your verbs!

* Remember your verbs 7 times faster than Any other method!

* Pronunciation by a native speaker!

* Add and hear your own verbs and even hear them!

* Create your own favourites list!

* Animations for each verb!

* Write and then check your conjugation spelling!

* Colour memory pictures for each verb!

* Native index translation in over 30 languages!

* Skill button to test ability!

* Most commonly used verbs!

* Perfect for all age groups!

* For beginners to advanced!

* Very easy to use!

* Award winning brand!

* Compatible with your iPhone & iPad!

Latest reviews of Learn Slovak Verbs - LearnBots app for iPhone and iPad

Učim sa Slovecinu!
I started learning Slovak with a tutor a little more than a year ago, this is the perfect tool to learn my verb without her. I can practice my pronunciation as well as my read and writing.
free version is absolutely useless
only 10 words
Slovak learnbots
Slavic languages, even those with latinized alphabets, have extremely difficult grammar rules. Conjugating verbs in Slovak, for example, is akin to memorizing seven different forms for nearly every verb. Eventually one will learn the patterns but exceptions always exist. For this reason few references can be that provide proper conjugations of even the most common verbs. So I was very excited to find this app available for my iPhone. So much so that I purchased the full version straight-away. While this provided well over 1200 verbs, they require download EVERY time the app is accessed. Also, as with most other language apps rarely is a wireless network available when one is trying to communicate in any foreign country. Yes, I understand that this much data would take up GBs of space,but the download severely slows the app to a crawl. Also there appears to be no search function so one must scroll to find the verb. That being said it is THE ONLY reference of its kind for Slovak that I have found in ANY medium. A great tool if you are studying the language where WI-FI is present.
Excellent learning tool
This is a great reference if you are learning the Slovak language. The fact that it gives you multiple tenses along with the full declension of so many verbs has been invaluable for me. The only knock if give it is that its missing a few verbs that I would consider to be essential (namely pisať - to write; which conjugates a little oddly) but overall this app is an outstanding value
Good, but can improve
This is a valuable app, but the maker should provide simple future tense instead of byt plus verb. The gerund is also not very useful. The program can pair perfective an imperfective (lubit- polubit etc.) for a more complete knowledge of the verb functions. The update put the new verbs at the end of the list.
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